Inaugural Annual Lecture (2017)

The office of the Attorney-General may date back to the European Middle Ages, even if it did not assume its contemporary form. Nowadays, the constitutional fabric of each democratic society grants powers to Attorney-Generals, upholding the Rule of Law. The Law Blog of UCLan Cyprus is happy to reproduce the Key Note Speech of His Excellency Mr Costas Clerides, the Attorney-General of the Republic of Cyprus (2013-2020), delivered at the Inaugural Annual Lecture of the School of Law of UCLan Cyprus on 12 May 2017. In his speech, Mr. Clerides provided a thorough analysis of the administration of justice in the Republic of Cyprus and answered questions from students at the core of the Rule of Law. We therefore invite you to read a detailed examination of the role of the Attorney-General in a unique mixed legal system, the one of the Republic of Cyprus. We hope you enjoy the reading of these materials HERE, reproduced with the kind permission of the Attorney-General of the Republic of Cyprus, with our deepest gratitude.

The Law Blog Team