The EU and UK, Approaches to Covid-19

In this Podcast, the first one of an English series of podcasts, I had the pleasure to host two distinguished academics from UClan Cyprus. Professor Stephanie Laulhe Shaelou, Head of Law School at UCLan Cyprus and Dr. Klearchos Kyriakides Deputy Head School at UCLan Cyprus and Assistant Professor.

Both accepted by invitation and joined me to discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic from an EU and UK perspective.

We also had the opportunity to get an inside scoop of an important initiative entitled “The Rule of Law Monitoring Mechanism (RoLMM)” that is launched by the School of Law of the Cyprus Campus of UCLan Cyprus. I would invite every lawyer that is concerned about human rights to have a look at the website of RoLMM and participate in this effort to start a public discussion about the rule of law and how this fundamental principle was affected by the pandemic.