Artificial Intelligence and Biometrics – Law and Compliance in a Changing Environment

The rate of technology innovation challenges the ability of our legal and compliance systems to keep up. Developing and using new technology sometimes resembles playing a game when the gameboard keeps changing, using an outdated rulebook with pages missing.

Artificial intelligence applications use huge amounts of data to suggest (or make) decisions in many areas, including criminal sentencing, child welfare placement, employment and medical treatments. Applications that capture and analyse our biometric data are being used to grant (or deny) access to national borders, public events, buildings, and even our electronic devices.

How can developers and users of applications using artificial intelligence and biometric data navigate the quickly changing legal and compliance gameboard with an outdated rulebook? Which laws apply, and how can the players identify and reduce their risks? The UCLan Cyprus School of Law is offering a continuing professional development workshop to help.

Legal Issues and Practical Approaches for Artificial Intelligence and Biometric Applications, certified for continuing professional development credit by the Cyprus Bar Association, will provide participants with the ability to identify legal and compliance issues related to the development, acquisition and use of artificial intelligence applications and biometric applications, as well as practical approaches for addressing the issues arising from these matters. The issues will be examined from Cypriot, European, and American perspectives.

The workshop is designed for lawyers, compliance officers, data protection officers, risk management specialists, entrepreneurs, financial executives, negotiators, policymakers, and advanced students. Prior experience with artificial intelligence and biometric technology is not required. The workshop will include an introduction to the technology for a nontechnical audience.

The workshop will be held Wednesday, 23 October 2019, from 18:00-21:00 in Nicosia at the Cleopatra Hotel (Florinis 8, Nicosia 1065). Preregistration is required. Registration and payment information is available at, or send an email to [email protected]. The workshop is the first in a series of three continuing professional development workshops examining legal issues and practical approaches to emerging technologies.

Amy Grant
Senior Visiting Fellow
University of Central Lancashire Cyprus School of Law
16 October 2019

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